In Gangwon-do

General Information

✔️ Registered 2024

✔️ Host Gender Female

✔️ About us

In 2010, our family moved to the countryside together, building an eco-friendly earthen house with the assistance of experts. We embrace an ecological lifestyle and dream of sharing it with diverse people. Currently, we operate a healing farm, engaging in various experiential education activities for elementary, middle, and high school students within the ecological environment.

We conduct programs focusing on sustainable farming practices, forest garden design, promoting the improvement of physical and mental well-being in nature.We lead woodworking and gardening and farming classes and we have two sons.

✔️ Farming Experience since2010

✔️ Farm Type Education, experience, healing farm.

✔️ Main Crop Wild herbs, edible flowers

✔️ Farming Method

Energy-saving carbon farming, permaculture design for forest gardens, and appropriate technology are implemented to minimize environmental impact through principles of pesticide-free, weed-free, and tillage-free practices. Embracing permaculture principles, the farm builds a robust carbon farming system using the principles of the forest. A variety of foods and wild plants are intermixed to effectively address pests and diseases. Emphasizing low-labor farming methods, the farm is gradually undergoing a transformation toward a permaculture-based, resilient form.

✔️ Organic Lifestyle

Food waste is processed into compost, utilizing a no-tillage, no-fertilizer, no-pesticide, and no-mulching farming approach. The farm also incorporates animals such as chickens, rabbits, and pigeons to handle food waste, fermenting their manure into compost to facilitate a closed-loop nutrient cycle. Additionally, fallen branches from the forest are collected to be used as fuel for a wood boiler and stove, promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

About Host & Member

✔️ Family / Member

Husband, 26-year-old son, 18-year-old son

✔️ Animal

Large breed English Sheepdog, 2 cats, pet pigeons, around 10 chickens

✔️ English

Planning to have a conversation through a translation tool

✔️ Other Language

I have relatives living in Germany for a long time.

WWOOFer’s Work

✔️ Works

January-February: Farm surroundings cleanup and carpentry work (preparation of necessary items for the farm), firewood preparation (chopping and transporting), wildflower seed sowing and sorting.

March: Maintenance and repair of ecological earth house, seed sorting, firewood preparation, deck painting.

April: Wildflower seed sowing (in open field and trays), harvesting of wild herbs and mountain wildflowers in permaculture field, packing and storing agricultural produce, harvesting, packing, and shipping of wildflowers, firewood preparation.

May: Harvesting and packing of wild herbs and mountain wildflowers, transplantation of wildflowers in open field, garden design, gathering of natural materials, observation of the 6th industry class in the healing farm, making flower tea, wildflower packing, participation in woodworking class and earth house construction workshop.

June: Harvesting flowers for tea, weeding and cultivating the garden, making flower tea and herbal tea, welcoming visitors, transplanting plants, making flower tea, packing mountain wildflowers, organizing the woodworking studio, participating in compost making and earth house construction workshop.

July: Weed removal and garden cultivation, preserving crops, assisting in garden cooking classes, harvesting edible flowers, shipping produce to local food stores, prepping for the next season, packing agricultural produce, organizing the woodworking studio, participating in earth house construction workshop.

August: Harvesting and packing flowers for edible tea, delivering local produce, drying herbs and making flower tea, participating in earth house construction workshop.

September: Harvesting edible flowers, packing mountain wildflowers, garden cleanup, weed removal, prepping for the next season, participating in earth house construction workshop.

October: Harvesting and packing edible flowers, garden maintenance, compost making, participating in earth house construction workshop.

November: Harvesting and drying herbs, woodworking, firewood preparation, seed sowing and sorting, installing stoves, participating in earth house construction workshop.

December: Winterizing the open garden, seed sowing, firewood preparation, and chopping.

Monthly activities may be subject to change based on requests from experience participants and healing farm users.”

✔️ Working Hours

4~5 hours per day/one day off per week, subject to farm conditions

✔️ WWOOFing Season


Cultural Exchange

✔️ Knowledge / Skills WWOOFers can learn

Carbon offset technology, earth house construction and carpentry skills, Korean cuisine, making flower tea and dyeing, natural dyeing, and earth house construction

✔️ Experiences WWOOFers can expect

Movie watching, exploring historical sites, hiking, strolling, cultural heritage guidance, and experiencing Korean emotions

✔️ Preferred WWOOFer

Enthusiastic and proactive wwoofer, preferably women, age in their 40s to 50s, who are eager to experience Korean emotions

✔️ Message to WWOOFers

Please adhere to the farm activity schedule


✔️ Type

Shared use of living room and bathroom with the host or farm staff

✔️ Room Sharing

A WWOOFer can share a room with the same sex (but this will be requested in advance)

✔️ Internet Possible Wifi

✔️ Drink & Smoke No alcohol, No smoking

✔️ Distance from house to farm 5 minutes by walk


✔️ Sharing a Meal

A WWOOFer eats one or two meals a day with host. And the rest, cook by yourself. (Ingredients provided)

✔️ Organic Ingredients Farm and Garden

organic produce

✔️ Vegetarian Impossible

Vegan and vegetarian available

Check Point

✔️ Preferred Length of Stay Less than a week.

✔️ Capacity 2 people

✔️ Accept Short Stay No

✔️ WWOOFers with Children(under 15 yrs) No

✔️ inor(16~18 yrs) No

Sunday Sun Monday Mon Tuesday Tue Wednesday Wed Thursday Thu Friday Fri Saturday Sat

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