WWOOFER and the HOST's 'Precious Promise'

The office of WWOOF Korea is making rules for the WWOOFers and hosts so that can trust each other. The rules are available to WWOOFer and host, whenever he or she becomes a member, request WWOOFing or send reply to WWOOFer, and it is even kept at home.

It may not be easy for a host and a WWOOFer to stay together for they are from different cultures and backgrounds. However, if they keep their promises a mature Korean WWOOFing culture can be established.

WWOOFer’s Promise

A. Promise before the start of WWOOFing

1.Before starting wwoofing, you should be insured as much as possible, and you understand and agree to what wwoof Korea recommends in this regard.

2. When contacting the host for the first time, everyone must have a membership, whether alone or with a companion.

3. When requesting another host to stay in wwoofing through host introduction, we make the first contact through the wwoof Korea website.

4. Before going to the host’s house, we will contact you at least 1 day in advance for final confirmation.

5. If it is unavoidable that it is not possible to wwoof, the host will be notified. If there is a report from the host due to “No Show” (= not appearing at the time and place promised with the host), the membership will be forfeited. (Expulsion)

6.Respect the wwoof start and end dates agreed with the host in advance.

7. We will inform you in advance of diseases, allergies, peculiarities, and eating habits (vegetarianism, et

B. WWOOFer's Commitment to Life Habits and Attitudes

8. We will fully recognize that the wwoof is not just a trip or a tour, but a “volunteer activity” and help the host.

9. I take my personal items such as clothes, toothbrushes, towels, hats, gloves, etc.

10. On the first day of arrival, I check the basics such as the host, wake-up time, meal time, work, and break time, and I keep it.

11. Keep your space, facilities, and items clean and tidy at all times (e.g. cleaning the bedding, cleaning the room, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom after the shower, etc.).

12. Obtain consent and do not waste when using or eating food on the host.

13. Personally, I inform the host of the return time when I go out, keep that time, and don’t ask for pick-up.

14. During your stay at host homes, you reduce your use of computers or smartphones as much as possible, interact actively with host families, other wwoofer, and people around you, and do everything in a positive manner.

15. They don’t ask the host to buy gifts or things they need.

C. Commitment to Volunteer Activities

16. Be prepared to start work when time permits, even if the host does not tell you to, and work with an active and positive attitude.

17. Start time and finish time of the agreed work with the host.

18. Wear protective gear provided by the host while working and avoid dangerous tasks that the host does not instruct due to curiosity.

19. Avoid using cell phone and internet while working.

20. If you don’t work as many days as agreed with your host, you don’t need a holiday.

21. If the host requests eviction in violation of the above and other commitments made to the host, leave the host’s home.

*The same rules apply to both WWOOFer and Host. If either party violates the Promise agreement five times, their membership will be canceled.

Host’s Promise

A. Commitment to Labor

1. I won’t let you do more than 6 hours a day without agreement with wwoofer.

2. If you work six days in a row, you’ll have one day off.

3. I’ll be considerate so that I can have a full free time.

4. I won’t let you do anything dangerous.

5. We’ll provide protective equipment for rough work.

6. Before we begin, we will provide you with a full explanation and information about what wwoofer should do.

B. Commitment to Green Life

 7.  We will not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

 8.  I won’t do anything to damage the natural environment.

 9.  I will use eco-friendly household goods as much as possible.

10.  I will actively talk about eco-friendly life with wwoofer.

C. Commitment to Accommodation

11.  We will provide a room where you can stay independently, not in a public place.

12.  If I need to use it with another wwoofer, I will discuss it in advance.

13.  We will provide a pleasant accommodation.

14.  We will provide a proper meal

D. Commitment to Alternatives and Other Matters

15.  Will make sure the wwoofer doesn’t have a sexually unpleasant experience. (Expulsion)

16.  I will try to make genuine exchanges, not treating them as wageless workers.

17.  I respect privacy and will not force religious activities.

18.  I will guide you about the tourist information and travel around your free schedule.

19.  If wwoofer wants to leave earlier than scheduled due to a complaint, we will respect your intention.

20. I will actively engage in cultural exchange and accept the culture of wwoofer with an open mind.

21.  I will consider communication with wwoofer important.

22.  I’ll always let wwoofer know the schedule of the day: working hours and free hours.

*The same rules apply to both WWOOFer and Host. If either party violates the Promise agreement five times, their membership will be canceled.