WWOOFer and Host’s Promise

The purpose of the following rules is to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges for both WWOOFer and host.

WWOOF Korea tries the best in the hope of creating a healthy and mature WWOOF Korea culture. 

WWOOFer’s Promise

A. Commitment to Communication

1. WWOOFer should sign up for traveler’s insurance for one’s own safety and the host is not at all responsible.

2. All members should have a membership including you and your companion before contacting to the host.

3. WWOOFer should have the final confirmation before meeting the host at least 3 days before.

4. If the scheduled WWOOFing is not possible under the unavoidable circumstance, WWOOFer should contact to the host. Your membership will be disqualified in case of no-show without a notice.

5. WWOOFer will keep the start and end dates of WWOOFing.

6. WWOOFer will inform the host of any health condition, allergies and diet in advance.

B. Commitment to Labor and WWOOFing

7. WWOOFer will participate in 25-30 hours a week and the working hour may vary depending the season. 

8. WWOOFer will be well-prepared in advance and work with the active and positive mindset. 

9. WWOOFer will keep the daily schedule of the host agreed upon. 

10. WWOOFer will follow the host’s instruction and put safety first. 

11. WWOOFer will not use a mobile while working for the sake of the safety issue. 

C. Commitment to Other Matters

12. As a WWOOFer, I understand that WWOOFing is cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges. WWOOFer will do the best to interact with others including the host’s family, neighbors and other WWOOFers.

13. WWOOFer will bring one’s personal items including gloves, workwear and toiletries. 

14. WWOOFer will keep one’s own personal space clean and tidy. 

15. WWOOFer will ask for the host’s consent if one needs to use the host’s personal items or bring the foods not agreed upon. 

16. WWOOFer will inform the host of the schedule of the off-day. 


Host’s Promise

A. Commitment to Labor

1. Host won’t make the WWOOFer work for more than 25-30 hours a week without prior agreement and the working hour may vary depending on the season. 

2. Host will give a full details of your role and responsibilities as a WWOOFer.  

3. Host will inform you daily schedule including the working hour, the rest time and the day-off in advance. 

4. Host will provide the proper knowledge, tools and equipments and won’t let you do anything dangerous.

B. Commitment to Green Life

5. Host won’t use any of pesticides or chemical fertilizers to practice eco-friendly farming.

6. Host will use the eco-friendly daily necessities as possible.

7. Host will do the best to cultivate the farm and will not do anything that may negatively impact the environment.

8. Host will share the philosophy, the practice and the experience of eco-logical lifestyle and farming. 

C. Commitment to Accommodation

9. Host will provide the separate space where the WWOOFer can have their own privacy. If needed, WWOOFer may share the room with other same-gender WWOOFer. (It is not allowed to share the room with the host’s family or employee) 

10. Host will keep your room clean and tidy. 

11. Host will share at least one meal a day and will provide the food ingredients and kitchen utensils based on your diet. 

12. Host will consult on the WWOOFer’s diet including food allergies and vegetarian options. 

D. Commitment to Other Matters

13. Host should be aware that any sexual harassment is not allowed.

14. Host will promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges. 

15. Host won’t force their religion on WWOOFer and will respect all cultures, races and religions.

16. Host will ensure WWOOFer to have free time on the day-off. 

17. Host will provide enough information for local areas and sightseeing.