WWOOF stands for World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, which began in England in 1971.
It is a global network program, conducted in more than 150 countries worldwide, providing accommodation by lending hands to those working in eco-friendly farms for half a day.

 WWOOF is a global movement that connects organic farms with volunteers,
promoting cultural and educational experience of “non-monetary exchange”,
aiming to build a trustworthy and sustainable global community.

WWOOF’s Purpose

Let the wwoofers learn and experience organic farming themselves, and help the farmers in times of need.

Encourage city dwellers to experience life in the countryside and farming.

Experience eco-friendly farming methods, recognize them and spread them by sharing useful information. 

Exchange cultures
by meeting people from different regions.

WWOOF’s Term


volunteer for 4-6 hours daily
while living with your Host and
learning about their organic
methods and culture.


Hosts are sharing their
Eco friendly life and way of farming
in sustainable ways while providing
accommodation to wwoofer.


Respectfull relation between
wwoofer and host
It is ‘working together’ to a
sustainable greener world.