Through WWOOF, we help people at home and abroad to pursue an eco-friendly and valuable life.
This is a non-profit organization that promotes and educates each other so that they can learn and share.


Please look forward to Wwoof Korea


  • February     7th General Assembly and Host Workshop
  • April-November     Conducting a cooperative project for rural exchanges
  • April-December     A public offering project for a farming garden is carried out
  • May-December      The first manure foundation project is under way


  • February     6th General Assembly and Host Workshop
  • March-November     Seoul City's Public Interest Activities Support Project
  • July-October     Proceeding with the Farm Garden Contest Project


  • February     5th General Assembly and Host Workshop


  • February     4th General Assembly and Host Workshop
  • July     Run the WWOOF Camp in Canada for Youth
  • December     Run the WWOOF Camp in Australia for Youth


  • February     3rd General Assembly and Host Workshop
  • May     Children's Volunteer Trip to the Rural Area
  • July     Camping of Uff in Canada for Youth / Japanese Beef for Farm High School Students in Youngwol County
  • August     Children's Volunteer Trip to the Rural Area
  • October     Participation in the World WWOOF Mission Conference (Turkey)
  • December     Australia to host a Uff camp for teenagers / Participate in Slow Food Week


  • February     2nd General Assembly and Host Workshop


  • February     1st General Assembly and Host Workshop


  • May     Approval of a divisional corporation
  • September     Hosted by the World Wwoof Mission Conference


  • March-November     Support the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and host the G-20 Foreign WWOOF Experience.


  • primarily overseas Wwoof activities    


  • Establishment of Wwoof Korea    


WWOOF works as a non-monetary exchange between volunteers and farmers, where volunteers work for an agreed amount of hours in exchange for food and accommodation.

First, potential WWOOFers must register with their local WWOOF organization; in the case of Korea, applicants should register with WWOOF Korea. Once the membership registration is completed, they will be provided with a membership ID and access to the WWOOF Korea host list. WWOOFers should take their time to look through the host list to find the best match for their WWOOF experience.

Use the Host Contact Form provided by WWOOF Korea to email and/or call the host. Arrange and set up a date and time to go to the WWOOF farm. Once at the farm, WWOOFers are expected to work on whatever projects the farmer needs for the agreed duration. In return, hosts are to provide all three meals and housing for the WWOOFer.


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