Through WWOOF, we help people at home and abroad to pursue an eco-friendly and valuable life.
This is a non-profit organization that promotes and educates each other so that they can learn and share.


Please look forward to Wwoof Korea


  • February     7th General Assembly and Host Workshop
  • April-November     Conducting a cooperative project for rural exchanges
  • April-December     A public offering project for a farming garden is carried out
  • May-December      The first manure foundation project is under way


  • February     6th General Assembly and Host Workshop
  • March-November     Seoul City's Public Interest Activities Support Project
  • July-October     Proceeding with the Farm Garden Contest Project


  • February     5th General Assembly and Host Workshop


  • February     4th General Assembly and Host Workshop
  • July     Run the WWOOF Camp in Canada for Youth
  • December     Run the WWOOF Camp in Australia for Youth


  • February     3rd General Assembly and Host Workshop
  • May     Children's Volunteer Trip to the Rural Area
  • July     Camping of Uff in Canada for Youth / Japanese Beef for Farm High School Students in Youngwol County
  • August     Children's Volunteer Trip to the Rural Area
  • October     Participation in the World WWOOF Mission Conference (Turkey)
  • December     Australia to host a Uff camp for teenagers / Participate in Slow Food Week


  • February     2nd General Assembly and Host Workshop


  • February     1st General Assembly and Host Workshop


  • May     Approval of a divisional corporation
  • September     Hosted by the World Wwoof Mission Conference


  • March-November     Support the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and host the G-20 Foreign WWOOF Experience.


  • primarily overseas Wwoof activities    


  • Establishment of Wwoof Korea    

Task of WWOOF Korea

1. WWOOF Task

– Promotional recruitment for domestic and foreign people who want to join WWOOF in Korea
– Update the latest information of hosts on Korean and English websites
– Provide support in cultural and linguistic problems between WWOOFer and hosts
– Manage host through screening host recruitment, reporting activity, and visiting on-site

2. WWOOF on holidays

– Volunteer work with a large number of people, conducted during the farming season when hands are needed.
– Domestic and foreign participants work together for a day or two days on weekends/holidays
– Participants are able to join without Korean WWOOF membership, but a certain participation fee is required
– Takes place from March to November

3. Group WWOOF

– Provide support in finding a farmhouse and in activities when schools, organizations, etc want to do farming as a group
– Introduce host farms where 5 to 100 people are able to participate
– Participation fee is charged according to the number of people and the schedule
– Write (the number of participants/date/area or region/purpose/etc.) and send it to wwoofkoreainfo@gmail.com

4. Conduct Public Projects

– Conduct urban and rural exchange cooperation projects of Korea Rural Community Corporation and Agricultural administration
– Conduct Seoul private organizations’ public project
– Conduct private foundation’s public project

WWOOF Press Reports

WWOOF Korea-related Enterprises

– Hanok Guesthouse for Koreans and Foreigners: www.theplaceseoul.com
– Sell WWOOF hosts’ agricultural products to foreigners: www.slowbox.kr

* The projects above are operated as a separate business and some of the revenues are donated to WWOOF Korea.