In Jeollanam-do

General Information

✔️ Registered 2008

✔️ Host Gender Female

✔️ About us
We are a certified organic farm and have been organic for the last 20 years. We are a friendly and easygoing old couple who have devoted our lives to organic farming. We’ve tried to practice various organic techniques to produce healthy and fresh agriculture products such as fresh fruits & vegetables and organic vinegars. Duties are flexible, leaving enough time for wwoofers to enjoy the surroundings. We welcome wwoofers who are interested in learning organic farming. We always appreciate help with meal preparation and other duties.

✔️ Farming Experience Since 1977

✔️ Farm Type Certified organic farm

✔️ Main Crop persimmons, plums, enzymes, various vegetables

✔️ Farming Method

✔️ Organic Lifestyle

About Host & Member

✔️ Family / Member Host’s wife

✔️ Animal 7 geese, 50 chickens & 2 dogs

✔️ English Simple English

✔️ Other Language

WWOOFer’s Work

✔️ Works
Spring : Pruning persimmon, managing wild greens, garlic, sowing, harvesting, and other various farm related work
Summer : Weed scraping, pruning persimmon, harvesting and processing plums
Fall : Persimmon, maidenhair, harvesting vegetables, and making Korean red pepper paste
Winter : Making doenjang(된장) which is Korean fermented soybean paste and Kim-chi

✔️ Working Hours

✔️ WWOOFing Season From April to November

Cultural Exchange

✔️ Knowledge / Skills WWOOFers can learn

✔️ Experiences WWOOFers can expect

✔️ Preferred WWOOFer

✔️ Message to WWOOFers


✔️ Type Separate cottage with its own bathroom and kitchen

✔️ Room Sharing

✔️ Internet Cable & Wireless

✔️ Drink & Smoke Light drinking / No smoking Indoor

✔️ Distance from house to farm


✔️ Sharing a Meal
Can cater both vegetarian and non-vegetarian upon request. Eat together at family mealtime.

✔️ Organic Ingredients 90%

✔️ Vegetarian Vegetarian Available

Check Point

✔️ Preferred Length of Stay at least 1 week / up to 2 weeks

✔️ Capacity 2 people

✔️Accept Short Stay(~3 days) No

✔️ WWOOFers with Children(under 15 yrs) No

✔️ Accept Minor(16~18 yrs) Yes

Sunday Sun Monday Mon Tuesday Tue Wednesday Wed Thursday Thu Friday Fri Saturday Sat

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