Host of the Month: CN117 Park Jongbin & Noh Seunghee

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2024-05-10 11:26

We are conducting interview with a host every month. Who is the Host of the Month?
Here we introduce promising young farmers from South Chungcheong province.



Q: When did you start farming, and what did you do before?

A: We came to Hongseong in 2017 to learn farming and had our own farm in 2020. As I came to the countryside right after graduating school at 25, I haven’t worked before starting farming.


Q: What are the rewards and difficulties of practicing eco-friendly farming?

 When I first started farming, I grew vegetables on the fields without covering up with soil. Naturally as I had a trouble in drainage, we poured rice husks, straws, green fertilizers and microorganisms into the soil. While doing it, the quality of the fields get improved and we’ve felt proud of it till these days.

 The most difficult thing about farming is probably weeding. In eco-friendly farming, we spent half of the time in clearing away weeds. I think Most of WWOOFers might agree with me.


Q: How long have you been hosting WWOOFers? What are your impressions of hosting so far?

A: I became a new host in 2023 and have been active for over a year now. It has been a great opportunity for cultural exchange as I got to know WWOOFers from all around the world introduced our culture and society. Quite often people ask me if WWOOFing activities work for us. Thinking over the past year, I gained the know-how as a host and I am grateful to make a good experience for both of us and WWOOFers.


Q: What tasks do WWOOFers typically work on your farm?

A: Currently I am working on flowers and vegetables. The main tasks for WWOOFers include planting the seeds, harvesting the crops and flowers and weeding. Lately we’ve harvested flowers from the last fall and packed them. Soon we will harvest chives and onions in June. Also we are thinking of planting a few chives.

Q: What experiences or activities can you offer WWOOFers besides farming?

A: WWOOFers can be a seller in the flea markets or farmers markets in the spring or fall. As we are close to our town community, Hongseong, we can be a part of communal activities or town self-governance projects. There is nothing special but I would like to share my everyday life. Literally the pace of everyday life as a farmer.




Q: Do you have any memorable WWOOFers from your hosting experience?

A: Frankly speaking, the most memorable WWOOFer might be the one with bad memories. As I have such great and interesting memories with most WWOOFers, I don’t think I can answer to this question.



Q: Can you give a message for readers of the WWOOF Korea newsletter?

Just like every WWOOFer comes from different backgrounds, every host has a different way of living to make a sustainable and eco-friendly life in the countryside. Mutual understanding and respect should be the foundation of WWOOFing. I truly believe that with the understanding and respect for both sides, we all can get whatever we want.


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