WWOOFer of the month: Choi Seung-ahn from Seoul, Korea

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2024-05-10 11:06

Q: Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Since my early twenties I’ve lived with the mindset of trying whatever stir up my curiosities. I like what I do and I live the way I want to. If possible, I worked and earned some money and then did what I wanted to experience. Lately I am taking a break time and working as a volunteer at WWOOF Korea.


Q: How did you find out about WWOOF and what make you to participate in?

 I studied and thought a lot about how to eat healthy food. Naturally I got curious about the very first person to deal with food ingredients, and it led me to the life of a farmer. While looking for farmers who live in a healthier and sustainable way close to nature, I came across with WWOOF Korea.

 I knew nothing about farming because I only grew up and lived in the city. I had no idea how all the food I ate got to me. I wanted to learn through hands-on experiences and then joined WWOOF.

 Above all, I learned a lot while spending time and living with farmers close to nature. The biggest motivation for me is to be a part of farming with the flow of nature.


Q: What did you mainly do at the host farm?

My first WWOOF experience was in Yeongwol, Gangwon-do. Mainly I helped the host based on daily schedule. I replanted the bellflowers from the field on the mountain area, fed chickens, and chopped firewood.

 Then I did the whole process of making a tea at Hwaeomsa Temple in Gurye, Jeollanam-do. While making a tea from scratch, I naturally got curious about the tea culture. Also I helped the host with various tasks if needed.  

 Lastly I went WWOOFing at Amuse by Farm in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do. Most of the time I cut grass and planted various crops. It was a great opportunity to see them grow.

 I think that the best part of WWOOF is being part of farming in nature itself. I learned a lot just by touching the soil, meeting and interacting with people and sharing our experience.


Q: Do you have any WWOOF experiences you would like share?

Frankly speaking, I hesitated and worried a lot right before participating in WWOOF. If I don’t take action after just thinking about it, I will not be able to move forward. I didn’t want to regret not trying it at least so I decided to do it.

 I think a series of WWOOF experiences become grounds for my future. It gave me courage to take action. I got valuable experience that I would never have known in the city through the past 3 farms.


Q: Can you give a message for readers of the WWOOF Korea newsletter?

 After getting to know about WWOOF, I did it myself and currently I became a volunteer of WWOOF Korea. Though I am not sure if I am doing it right, I instinctively know that I am not on the wrong path.

 Once you lose your health, nothing else matters. If I weren't healthy I don't think I would have had these experiences and worked with good people. I hope everyone with a sound mind and a sound body.

 I strongly recommend trying WWOOF if you into farming. You will learn life lessons from farmers close to nature and our mother nature. Wishing you all good health and longevity!

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