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2024-04-09 13:38

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[Freedom for Country Dogs]

In Korea’s countryside, many dogs are tied to a short 1-meter leash most of their lives. We started a campaign aiming to replace that with a leash that attaches to a wire over 3 meters long. 

The idea was first conceived when foreign WWOOFers who stayed in Korean farms, saddened by the reality of many dogs being tied to such short leashes, suggested to us that WWOOF Korea play some kind of role in this matter. 

We understand that the farmers need to keep the dogs tied to prevent damages to crops or even people. But we also wanted to let the dogs run around more freely. The solution suggested was “a long wire” that would be tied between two trees, so that the shorter leash would be hooked to that long wire. The dog can have a relatively spacious room to move around. This seemed to be the most realistic approach. 


Your donation will go a long way.

We need your help to purchase the wires and start installing them in one-hundred households that have applied. We will also create and print pamphlets to raise awareness. WWOOF Korea hosts also decided to participate in this campaign without wearing short leashes.

The warm gaze of foreign WWOOFers sparked the proposal, which touched the hearts of many Koreans. Together with dedicated volunteers we started this project. We have started fundraising in Korea as well, but we ask those who love rural areas in Korea to also participate.

*Donation Goal Amount: 5million won (by April 20, 2024)

* Sponsorship account : Paypal : 

  Account Number: NH Bank 301 0229 2048 11 (사단법인 한국농촌체험교류협회)


* As a thank you, we will send agricultural products from WWOOF Korea hosts to those who donate more than 30,000 won (shipping fee varies depending on the amount).

CB_110 Natural Kitchen Soap / JN_109 Roasted Salt 500g / CB_104 Pesticide-free Rice 1kg / CN_113 Opal Basil Herbal Tea / GB_109 Organic Marigold / GN_124 Organic Yuzu Jam Sticks 20pcs / JJ_125 Olive Tangerine Jam Sticks 10pcs, Olive Matcha Sticks 10pcs / CN_108 Natural Monument Yan San Ogye Roasted Eggs 30



If you would like to fund, please participate using the link below.



*The team introduction and preparation process for this project, as well as other details, are detailed on the WWOOFKorea blog (HTTPS://BLOG.NAVER.COM/WWOOF_KOREA) in the 시골개 환경개선 section. 


* For inquiries, please contact or chat with wwoofkorea on KakaoTalk Plus.


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