Farming Begins for 2024

2024-04-09 11:02
Farming Begins for 2024

Pope Francis said,

"God always forgives,

humans sometimes forgive,

but nature never forgives."

We seek forgiveness from unforgiving nature.


We are grateful to all who are with WWOOF Korea.

We thank the sky, land, water, wind, sunshine, insects,

and microorganisms living in the soil,

And to all living beings,

we give our thanks as we begin to farm this year.

Originally, God gave humans antennae called wisdom.

These antennae were meant to feel nature and care for all things.

However, human greed and poison of this civilization

unsensitized our antennae.


Still, as we cultivate the soil,

our antennae grow back little by little.

When it rains after a long drought,

our bodies feel refreshed and cool, like a plant.

This is the moment when our antennae come alive,

in harmony with nature.


As we farm, we restore these antennae.

We awake to the preciousness of all life.

Through the creativity of love,

we seek an ecological life,

Viewing the world from the perspective of life.


Art breaks boundaries, farming embraces boundaries.

Art changes the world, farming saves the world.

With art, we farm. With farming, we build peace.

Farmers and WWOOFers pray for life, ecology, and peace.


Written by Cheon Ho-gyun, Chairman

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