WWOOFer’s Promise 

*The words “you” and “your” stated here throughout refer to WWOOFer(s) or the person(s) applying to join WWOOF Korea.

“WWOOFers’ Promise” is to reconfirm your commitment to WWOOFing in Korea. By the same token, hosts also comply with “Host’s Promise”.

WWOOFer’s Promise – Before WWOOFing

1. You have understood and agreed that it is your responsibility to get traveler’s insurance before starting WWOOFing.

2. Each person (including anyone you’re going to WWOOF with) must be a member of WWOOF Korea before hosts are contacted.

3. If your first host introduces another host, you must contact them through the WWOOF website, not directly.

4. You must contact your host to reconfirm your arrival time and place at least 1 day prior to your arrival.

5. In case you have to cancel, you must contact your host in advance. If you don’t show up on the date you agreed to with your host without any notice, your membership will be cancelled.

6. While unexpected circumstances may cause you to leave before the end of the WWOOFing period, you must do your best to fulfill the agreed time commitment.

7. You must inform your host if you have any physical limitations or problems such as allergies, diet limitation, and / or disease.

WWOOFer’s Promise – Attitude

8. You must understand that WWOOFing is not just a free travel opportunity but a volunteer position and you should provide practical help to your host.

9. You must prepare and bring your personal and work items such as clothes, toothbrush, towel, hat, gloves.

10. On the first day at the host’s property, you must check and confirm rules and schedule with your host, and follow them.

11. You must keep your room, facilities, and other property of your host clean and tidy (e.g. bed, dishes after meal, shower room, toilet, etc. )

12. You must ask your host when you use their property and/or eat their food and do your best to live frugally and not to leave food waste.

13. You must inform your host when you go out and the time that you return to the property. At the same time, you shouldn’t ask host to pick you up – you should be able to come back by yourself.

14. You must reduce your computer and cellphone use, instead trying to have more communication with hosts, other WWOOFer(s), and people you meet with positive attitude while WWOOFing.

15. You must avoid asking your host to buy personal items for you – it is your responsibility to provide these yourself.

WWOOFer’s Promise – Volunteer Work

16. You must be ready to work at the scheduled work time even if your host doesn’t ask you, and work with positive attitude.

17. You must follow the agreed work schedule.

18. You must protect yourself with PPE(personal protective equipment) provided by your host, and avoid dangerous actions.

19. To work with respect and care, you must avoid using your cellphone while working.

20. You must not ask your host for a day off before completing the agreed upon work period per week.

21. If your host asks you to leave due to your failure of complying with the above promises or in any other case, you must respect the request.


Hosts’s Promise

Hosts’s Promise – Labor
1. Host shouldn’t make the WWOOFer work for more than 6 hours without prior agreement.

2. Host should give the WWOOFer at least one day off for every six consecutive days of work.

3. Host should give the WWOOFer private time to relax.

4. Host should not have the WWOOFER work in dangerous conditions.

5. Host should provide the WWOOFer with tools or equipment when doing dirty or dangerous work to ensure everyone’s safety.

6. Host should provide sufficient instructions and information regarding the task at hand.


Hosts’s Promise – Eco-friendliness

7. Host shouldn’t use agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers.

8. Host should not do anything that may negatively impact the environment.

9. Host should make an active effort to use eco-friendly household items in their daily life.

10. Host should be expected to share his/her stories and thoughts on farming and the environment with the WWOOFer.


Hosts’s Promise – Food and accommodation

11. Host should provide independent space where the WWOOfer can have their own privacy.

12. Host should ask the WWOOFer if he/she is comfortable with sharing a room with other WWOOFer(s) in advance.

13. Host should provide clean and dry accommodations.

14. Host should provide enough food and drinks to WWOOFers.


Hosts’s Promise – Communication and others

15. Host must be aware that sexual harassment is a serious violation and should act to protect the WWOOFer’s rights. Offenders may include anyone who comes into contact with the WWOOFer while they are WWOOFing. (The host’s membership is canceled if they violate this article.)

16. Host should not think of and treat the WWOOFer as free labor.

17. Host should respect a WWOOFer’s privacy and not force particular thoughts and/or religious views on them.

18. Host is expected to provide information regarding transportation, sightseeing opportunities, and cultural activities.

19. Host must respect the WWOOFer’s decision when he/she wants to leave the host due to negative reasons that arises from the host.

20. Host should share their culture and be open to the WWOOFer’s culture and different way of thinking.

21. Host should be patient in communicating with the WWOOFer.

22. Host should inform WWOOFer of time schedulle of a day so that WWOOFer can be ready for work and free time.