German/ Female/ 31/ 1 - 2 weeks

2019-05-28 14:21
I stayed one week at this wonderful farm and I really liked it a lot. The hosts are extremely kind, generous, warm-hearted, caring and have a great sense of humour!
The male host is fluent in English what makes the conversations very easy, he told me so many things about Korea and explained me a lot about its history, culture and food.
The female host Soon was cooking everyday very fresh and delicious meals with ingredients from the garden and often I could help her a little bit, learn more about korean dishes and write down the recipes what I enjoyed very much.
The tasks at the farm were very varied, so it never got boring and I could learn different new things, I could work on a sweet potato field, help to build a duck shed, fencing around the farm and helping in the garden. The room where I slept in was very comfortable, it was one of the rooms of their guesthouse, so I had my own little fridge, my own bathroom and a huge window overlooking the nature, what a luxury!
On my day off the family brought me to many interesting cultural places and we visited the DMZ which was very interesting. I can totally recommend this wonderful farm, it consists of a lovely family, so many interesting plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables and it's very quiet and peaceful there.

Thank you so much for everything , I felt extremely comfortable staying with you!