United States of America, Female, Age: 23

I really enjoyed my stay here. I would not volunteer here if you specifically want to work in farming. However, if you are interested in hard independent work where you get experience with the horses, than you should choose this location. The hosts are very kind and welcoming. They provide clean, quiet accommodations and plenty of food. The work here was done mostly alone, so it is not for someone who is incredibly social. However, there were a couple of days when the farmers had visitors and we had social get-togethers. It was great fun! You do get to ride the horses, but it is more based on technique, and you ride around a circle inside a riding room, so don't come in under the impression that you will be riding on outdoor trails. Overall, I would definitely recommend this WWOOF location to future wwoofers. I do not regret it!

Canada, Male, Age:18

It is a really nice farm the host give everything to her chickens. She s really like a mom chicken ! The experience was really great I learn a lot and saw a lot of things ! The cook does amazing food. You'll learn the Korean culture even when you eat. The place is amazing you are surround by mountain ! The chicken is really nice I like to see them run. It s funny and the baby is really cute ! The dog obogi is really funny too. you can play with him for hours and hours. Most people are very nice and really kind in this farm Please enjoy your staying there !

French, Male, Age: 32

The Korean Tea, so famous. Mugwort (Not sure about that english word, Suk in korean), plum, magnolias, green tea. From harvesting to packing. Here was very relax, take it easy. The host family is so kind and funny. They love music and, Suri,the mother, play drums. We played togather, korean traditional drums, gayagum the korean harp (this instrument is awsome). Great Moments

Mexican, Female, Age:30

"this farm was an incredible experience. I always thought that I'd be unable to work with chickens, hens and roosters because I was afraid of them, but after wwoofing at this farm I became a master!
I really appreciate the time and patience Mr. Kim takes to show the wwoofers how is done and the time he dedicates to take you out once in a while, also Mrs. Kim who is always checking on the wellbeing of the wwoofers and as she speaks in korean almost all the time it helps to improve your korean skills a lot, and their precious dog Gilsan who is going to be your guardian angel while you stay at the farm and whom I miss terribly. It is hard work at this farm, specially the egg collecting, but it is really really worth it. All the amazing people you get to know there, all the things you learn not only about working with farming animals but also about yourself make it the best experience."

Taiwan, Female, Age: 23

"I had very very great experience here. The room they provided is very good and comfortable!! There are air conditioner, wifi, TV and bathroom in the room. My room is twin room. But when I stay here, I owned a personal room not shared with others. In addition, the food cooked by 엄마 is also delicious~ The work is a little hard, but I think it's Ok for girls. I enjoyed the days here, if I have chance to come back, JJ_113 is my first choice!!


Belgium, Female, Age:19

I had a fantastic time at this Farm! I stayed here for 4 weeks but the time flew by very quickly. The work is enjoyable and I learned a lot. I mostly worked with the host's wife and another man that works at the farm and they were wonderful! The host's wife always offered me food (sometimes the strawberries they grow!) and drinks, so you definitly won't starve here! I really felt appreciated for my WWOOFing and although I don't speak korean, we often laughed and had fun working together.
The farm has easy access to Seoul to visit on your day(s) of. The host also invited me to a market where they sell their eggs and told me about the region and the things to see there!
They invited me several times to restaurants for diner which was wonderful! On this farm they really spend time with their WWOOFers and it really makes the difference. I would definitly recommand this place!
If you like animals, there are also some goats, gooses and dogs on the farm! They recently also have a cat that is at the accomodation. The cat is very playful and social.

Japan, Female, Age: 34


Malaysia, Female, Age: 24

This is my first wwoofing experience yet one of the most wonderful and unforgetable moment. The host only expect the wwoofer to work 4hours per day which allows wwoofer to have a lot of free time to explore the different attractions.The accommodation and meal provided by the host is totally up-to-standard. It makes me feel like my second home. The staffs there are very kind and helpful although we have some communication barrier sometime ( My korean language level is weak). Yet, we have fun woking together which makes the working hours passed at a glimpse.The farm is gigantic but organized. I have experienced in picking mushroom, trimming plants and weeding. There are many plantations and animals raised in the farm. It is good to have a walk in the farm as the scenery is totally astonishing!Also, I'm truly blessed to have 4 other wwoofers to join me during the week. We get along to each other very well and get to visit different places in Jeju during our free time. I have nothing to complaint about but to praise for this farm.I would definitely be back to this farm again someday in the future!

Vietnam, Female, Age: 24

I did wwoofing in this Farm for 6 days. It was my greatest time in Jeju. this farm is really huge an beautiful, i love the atmosphere here so much. sometimes you can see the deers and bird's eggs. The work was not hard at all, i cut the grass, grew the tree, picked the mushrooms... Even when you finish your work, they let you rest earlier.
I was so surprised because of my room. It is clean, comfortable, warm and full of facilities. They provided three meals per days and different foods for the whole week. I came quite late but onnie waited to pick me up and ajjussi woke up early to drive me to bus station. The boss and staffs are very friendly and we had a lot of fun when hang out together. Thanks Shanghai Farm for everything.

USA, Male, Age: 51

I chose this farm (GW105) simply because I wanted to be close to the Dong Gang (River). The photos on their WWOOF site do not do justice to the beautiful setting and the owners' appreciation for nature and aesthetics: even the outhouse is well crafted with art on the walls and plenty of thoughtful ventilation. I had lived in Korea previously and often searched for great getaways. This farm is one of the most secluded and impressive settings I've ever come across. Ms. Kim is also an incredible cook.

South Africa, Female, Age:32

The host family was incredible. They were very kind to me. I visited over a holiday and so they included me in various cultural and social activities and my work hours were short. The work was straightforward, and I found it rewarding. I was provided with warm protective clothing so I didn't have to get any of my clothing dirty, as the work was sometimes quite dirty. I had a really wonderful time.

Singaporean, Female, Age: 25

Hosts are a very loving and cute couple that manages both blueberry and fig farm by themselves. Though they could only speak simple English, they are very patient towards me, and treats all visiting WWOOFers like their own children:). 엄마(like Mom) is a super good cook! She makes sure there are plenty of food, and definitely blueberries, fresh figs, fresh blueberry juice/yogurt drink for you at all times! She is very generous to share with you her secret recipes too, from cooking korean dishes, to making blueberry jam and different kinds of kimchi! 아빠(like Dad) on the other hand, though he is slightly more quiet, he is always smiley, and even makes sure you get all the good food during mealtimes! Hahaha
For most of the time, WWOOFers will be helping out 엄마. Work is slightly tough, but it would be heaven for you if you love blueberries and fresh figs, as it's a all-you-can-eat fruit buffet for you during picking time!
Hosts are a very hardworking couple that is very dedicated towards both their blueberry and fig trees, and also their customers, giving them only the best. Hence, it would be an amazing experience for WWOOFers to visit their farm, to learn what organic farming is all about:)

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