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General Information

✔️ Registered 2022

✔️ Host Gender Female

✔️ About us

As a native of Jeju, about 10 years ago, I deciede to start farming with the dream of becoming a farmer to save soil, and produce healthy food. Now we are managing 6611 m² the organic certified tangerines.

When I wanted to give up everything after getting a sick at the age of 40, I dreamed of a small farm and bought an orchard around my house with pretty stone walls . Since then I have been doing the eco-friendly farming step by step. My husband has other job but he helps to do weeing, my two sons harvest together and I do the overall rest of the works.

Now the children are adults. A few years ago, I built a new house and ran a small natural dyeing workshop. And I completed a healing agricultural course to make the farm where people can live together.

✔️ Farming Experience Since 2013

✔️ Farm Type The Farm Producing and selling agricultural products

✔️ Main Crop Organic-certified noji tangerines

✔️ Farming Method

I dream of a sustainable life. People say to me why you live so hard, but I like my path to walk to.

Although we don’t harvest a big amount of tangarines becuase as an government certified organic farm, we should use certified compost, we think to save the life on the soil first and grow the tangerines to use their shells.

✔️ Organic Lifestyle

I try to act to think about the future and the world where the children can smile. I’m taking care of the very small things in our usual life, such as recycling, turning off the lights and reducing the garbage.

At our small natural dyeing workshop, we recycled used clothes ,dyeing them through Jeju’s persimmon. And we provide to chance to reduce frequent washing by using natural dyeing bedding.

In addition, there is Gotjawal(National Park in Jeju) in the village, we are more considering to protect the environment. I’m a village firefly commentator and a member of the community of the village and I recommend eco-friendly farming to nearby farms as much as possible.

About Host & Member

✔️ Family / Member Husband and Sons

✔️ Animal 1 Dog

✔️ English Not Fluent, we will use translator

✔️ Other Language No

WWOOFer’s Work

✔️ Works

January: Harvesting tangerines

February: Harvesting tangerines

March: composting

April: Farm cleanup

May: Farm cleanup

June ~ July: Farm cleanup

August: – September: Weeding

October: –

November: Preparation for harvesting

December: Harvesting tangerines

✔️ Working Hours

5~6 hours a day, It can be different depending on the seasons and the farm situation

✔️ WWOOFing Season All year around available

Cultural Exchange

✔️ Knowledge / Skills WWOOFers can learn

Farming, Jeju food, Natural Dyeing (Clothes and Hair)

✔️ Experiences WWOOFers can expect

Local Networking, Visiting the local farms in the village

✔️ Preferred WWOOFer

Interest in the life at the countryside

✔️ Message to WWOOFers

Sharing positive energy


✔️ Type Seperated room

✔️ Room Sharing

can be shared room with same sex (but it will be asked before)

✔️ Internet Wifi

✔️ Drink & Smoke Light drinking / No smoking indoor

✔️ Distance from house to farm 5 minutes by walk


✔️ Sharing a Meal

One or two meals a day, together with host.

And the rest, cook by yourself. (Ingredients provided)

✔️ Organic Ingredients Farm and Garden

✔️ Vegetarian No

Check Point

✔️ Preferred Length of Stay 2 weeks

✔️ Capacity 3 people

✔️ Accept Short Stay(~3 days)

Serial Staying (over 2 times a month) is possible

✔️ WWOOFers with Children(under 15 yrs) Yes

✔️ Accept Minor(16~18 yrs) Yes

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