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General Information

✔️ Registered 2016

✔️ Host (Age / Gender) 70s / Male

✔️ About us
My wife and I used to teach in universities and traveled to various farms around the world before we came to the countryside to farm. Our goal is to contribute to the well-being of the local community and Korean society by growing diverse, healthy fruits. We are operating Health Club for Living Over 100 Years and we would like to supply fruit saplings to North Korea in near future. Also, we want to make shelter for missionaries all over the world.

✔️ Farming Experience Since 2013

✔️ Host Type
Bracken -3,000 m²,  Raspberry Wine-1,000 m², mulberry-1,000 m², Aronia-2,000 m², Apple-1,000 m², etc-500평

✔️ Main Crop Bracken, Raspberry Wine, Bo tree 

✔️ Farming Method
No pesticides. No chemical fertilizers. Natural farming, Organic

✔️ Organic Lifestyle
Using eco-friendly detergent and toilet paper, Recycling

About Host & Member

✔️ Family / Member Host’s wife

✔️ Animal 2 dogs

✔️ English Casual conversation

✔️ Other Language Basic Japanese

WWOOFer’s Work

✔️ Works
SPRING: Harvesting bracken, fatsia  and Japanese apricot, Picking other medicinal leaves(Wild chive, Mugwort, Mulberry, Bo tree), weeding, planting fruit trees, making organic fertilizers, and assisting farm parties
SUMMER: Picking raspberries, weeding, pruning fruit trees, making organic fertilizers, and assisting farm parties
FALL: Harvesting medicinal leaves, weeding, pruning fruit trees, making organic fertilizers, and assisting farm parties

March:  planting fruit trees
April~June:  harvesting bracken and fatsia , weeding
May: Harvesting Japanese apricot
June~July: harvesting raspberry Wine
September~October:  harvesting mulberry
October~November: collecting Bo tree

✔️ Working Hours 6 hours a day: 7~10 / 14~17

✔️ WWOOFing Season March ~ November

Cultural Exchange

✔️ Knowledge / Skills WWOOFers can learn

✔️ Experiences WWOOFers can expect
Climbing, tea ceremony, historic site sightseeing, visiting museum etc

✔️ Preferred WWOOFer
WWOOFers who can speak Korean.

✔️ Message to WWOOFers
I hope you can use it as a new opportunity through the experience of farming in Korea.
And it would be appreciated to help us to work.


✔️ Type 2 guest rooms in the host’s house. Separated guestroom for 1 person.
Normal house

✔️ Room Sharing
Room can be shared with WWOOFer of the same sex.

✔️ Internet WiFi

✔️ Drink & Smoke Light drinking / No smoking Indoor

✔️ Distance from house to farm
20 minutes, going there by car with host


✔️ Sharing a Meal 3 meals with host

✔️ Organic Ingredients 80%

✔️ Vegetarian Vegetarian & Vegan available

Check Point

✔️ Preferred Length of Stay
1~2 weeks, 1 month, weekend

✔️ Capacity 3 people

✔️Accept Short Stay(~3 days) Yes

✔️ Accept Minor(16~18 yrs) No

✔️ WWOOFers with Children(under 15 yrs) Yes

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