In Gyeongsangbuk-do

General Information

✔️ Registered 2018

✔️ Host Gender Male

✔️ About us
I have come to the countryside and farmed for 10 years and also a head of a village for 4 years to volunteer and help the elderly people in this village to farm with more comfortable ways by improving their lives.
We have started ‘Rice Farming without Seedbed’, which is using the manless helicopter for rice farming.
We also farm about 10ha with pond snails without pesticides and natural farming such as Chokeberry, Honey berry, and Hovenia berry.
Since 2017, we have practiced ‘Gyeongbuk village farming’, so we work for the elderly famers. We are growing potato and house melon to earn as small works for people in the village.

✔️ Farming Experience Since 2009

✔️ Farm Type Community village / Agritainment

✔️ Main Crop Aronia, rice, melon, potatoes

✔️ Farming Method
Producing the healthy foods by practicing  non-pesticide and organic way.

✔️ Organic Lifestyle
We are trying to reduce disposable products in daily life.

About Host & Member

✔️ Family / Member Host’s wife

✔️ Animal 1 dog(Outside)

✔️ English Conversational English

✔️ Other Language
Host : conversational Japanese / Host’s wife : Simple Chinese

WWOOFer’s Work

✔️ Works
January to February : composition and preparation for spreading fertilizers for crops in the greenhouse
February to April : Aronia farm management and potato cultivation
May to June : rice farming (transplanting rice seedlings)
June to September : harvesting of melons in the greenhouse
July to late September : harvesting Aronia and weeding
October to November : harvesting rice and Hovenia berry
November to December : spreading fertilizers to Aronia, Honey Berry and Hovenia berry

Spring : caring Aronia, Honey Berry, Hovenia tree field, house farm, spreading fertilizers and harvesting potato
Summer : harvesting and caring Aronia, products packaging, caring succulent, seeding, rice planting, cutting weeds, watering, cutting a plant of melon
Autumn : assistance of rice cutting, moving and harvesting melons
Winter : spreading fertilizers on Aronia, Honey Berry, Hovenia tree and fermentation of fertilizers in the greenhouse field

✔️ Working Hours 5~6 hours a day

✔️ WWOOFing Season All year around available

Cultural Exchange

✔️ Knowledge / Skills WWOOFers can learn

✔️ Experiences WWOOFers can expect
Sharing the culture from making the foods of their own countries.

✔️ Preferred WWOOFer
Diligence and honesty

✔️ Message to WWOOFers
I hope that you can have different experiences.


✔️ Type The separated room in the host house (yellow soil house).

✔️ Room Sharing
A WWOOFer might be possible to share the room with same-sex wwoofer.(It can be asked in advance)

✔️ Internet Cable & WiFi

✔️ Drink & Smoke Light drinking / No smoking Indoor

✔️Distance from house to farm 5 minutes by walk.


✔️ Sharing a Meal
Breakfast : A WWOOFer eats meal self
Lunch & Dinner : A WWOOFer has meal with hosts. Also WWOOFer prepare dinner with hosts

✔️ Organic Ingredients 70%

✔️ Vegetarian Vegetarian available

Check Point

✔️ Preferred Length of Stay at least 3 days / up to 3 weeks

✔️ Capacity 4 people

✔️ Accept Short Stay(~3 days) No

✔️ WWOOFers with Children(under 15 yrs) No

✔️ Accept Minor(16~18 yrs) No

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