Singaporean/ Female/ 27/ 1 - 2 weeks

2019-09-02 14:54
I had spent 2-weeks at this place. Everyone and every families staying there were super friendly to the wwoofers. They will ensure that you are well-fed for every meal; not even a single moment I was hungry there. Even when it rained the whole day, some families will surprise you at the doorstep with some fruits and spicy rice cake. The tasks that I was doing there were mainly building houses and weeding. Frankly speaking, there weren't any big farms there yet; therefore the task I was given wasn't related to picking fruits and vegetable. However, the host was explaining to us about her dream and the purpose of the houses (the houses that we built). Even though it was tough but personally I felt that this was the purpose of me joining wwoofing to experience life or things that I don't get to do in Singapore. Usually work starts from 8am - 12pm, and there were many times that the host gave us food breaks in between to recharge.
It will be good to bring along these stuff: clothes (long sleeves & long pants) that you are okay to throw away, (2) insert repellent, (3) your own shampoo and shower gel, (4) sunblock, (5) umbrella.
Also, get prepared to cook one of your own country dish for around 15 people.
Thank you for the amazing experience!