Singaporean/ Male/ 21/ 2 weeks - 1 month

2019-07-16 14:04
Had an amazing time here! The host knows enough English to give clear instructions when it comes to farming work, though knowing some Korean is good if you want to have proper conversations during meals and the like (your Korean will improve a lot, the host is very patient and will guide you through how to say things properly).
Do be prepared to spend some of your days and nights alone at home, the host will try to arrange having at least one of her friends/family to stay with you when she's not around but it's not always possible! Regardless, experienced really amazing hospitality while I was here -
The host brought me on a bicycle tour around the area, sent me for free Korean lessons in Haeundae, and got her friend to bring me around Busan (among many other things). Highly recommend!