Malaysian/ Female/ 27/ 1 - 2 weeks

2019-07-04 16:47
I had a great time working together with the host as he is an easy going and funny person.
The work itself is not difficult and we often talk about life and culture when we are working together.
He shared a lot of Korean and particularly Jeju culture with me that I could understand Korean culture better now.
He is also very accommodating to make sure my stay here in Jeju is comfortable and fulfilling.
Host's guide to life (that's what I called it) is really interesting and admirable as he just wants to live a rightful and happy life with his family and travel the world someday.
We also make some videos together! I am thankful to him and his family (his wife is so kind and lovely) for my first wwoofing experience here in Korea and I guess I'll be back to Jeju again! 🙂