Malaysian/ Female/ 24/ 1 - 3 months

2019-07-04 16:36
The host and aunty are both extremely kind and friendly! I stayed for 39days at their house. Basically I was solo Wwoofer all time except early June around 5 days I met Joyce from HK.
They are very open minded and also they treat me so well! The food prepared by aunty all are super delicious especially aunty's fried chicken and soy sauce chicken!
Uncle did manage to follow the time he told me in the 1st day so no worry at all! Trust me work time passed super fast. Sometimes I was like 'huh? we are done?"
Besides, I managed to use my limited Korean words to communicate with uncle and aunty. Sometimes they eventually can understand me XD
I was kinda fortunate since I can understood a bit of Korean or else would be little hard to communicate. The week before I travel to Busan they brought me to have Korean style seafood which was super duper hard to get in Malaysia! It was breathtaking! It was the 1st time for me have that kind of raw fish and so much of crab!
The most touching part was uncle and aunty invited me to aunty's sister wedding at Daegu! I was so lucky that can attend a Korean style wedding which is different from my country.
I always believe travel need to get into their culture or else you aren't really know the place you had been. It had been an awesome experience for me.
I'm a totally city person never been to way rural place (kampung). Plus I always want to try to stay at kampung once or be a farmer. I completed my bucket lists throughout this trip to Korea and be a Wwoofer. Thank you everyone I met during this trip! Thank you the host and aunty!