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WWOOFers have access to all active WWOOF hosts in Korea.

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WWOOFers help hosts with daily tasks for an agreed number of hours during the stay. They receive food and accommodation for their volunteer work. The work varies from general work on the farm to housework.
HOSTS vary from vegetable farms, orchards, small households, alternative schools to Buddhist temples. They provide free meals and accommodation as well as cultural experiences to WWOOFers.
WWOOF is a world-wide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges helping to build a sustainable global community.
WWOOF Korea started in 1997. WWOOFers come from all around the world and our hosts are located all the way in Jeju Island to the border with North Korea. WWOOF Korea's office is located near Angook station, Buckchon Hanok village in the center of Seoul City.

WWOOF is a great way to travel, meet locals,
and learn about organic way of life.

WWOOF Korea has given me an amazing opportunities to engage with people working to keep sustainable agriculture, healthy food and a strong rural community alive and well.
- Ana, USA
I gained many things from this WWOOF Korea trip, from the host family and wwoofers. Their life experience, values and lifestyle inspire me. I should think more, try more and feel more when I do anything. Moreover, I find the other sides of Korea too. Korean is not only like trendy and new cultures. On the other sides, they appreciate and pride on their traditional cultures, preserve their nature and share their cultures to foreigners. I am glad that I chose WWOOF to travel; this is a type of unique, safe, cheap and meaningful travel.
- Clair, Hong Kong
I’ve taken part in group WWOOFing 3 or 4 times and, aside from the farm you visit, it’s a great way to mix and meet other nationalities and Koreans. The best way to experience the life of Koreans and escape from the city for a day or two! - Daniel, UK
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