In Jeollanam-do


✔️ Registered

✔️ Host (Name / Age / Gender)
Lee Sangjik / 50s / Male

✔️ About us
Before I moved to Gu-rye in 2010, I was an actor in the national theater. I farm, act in a play, teach acting classes, and also represent a village community. We re-designed a closed school to a new place that promotes arts and social welfare activities in the village.

✔️ Farming Experience
Since 2012

✔️ Host Type
an orchard, field

✔️ Main Crop
Daebong(type of persimmon), field crops, forestry products

✔️ Farming Method
We do not use pesticide and chemical fertilizer. Instead, we try to use plant extracts as natural remedy. We look for ways to co-exist with grasses.

✔️ Organic Lifestyle
Recycle, Save energy


✔️ English
Basic conversation

✔️ Other Language
Japanese(host’s wife)

✔️ Family / Member
Host, host’s wife

✔️ Animal
1 dog, 1 cat

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