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-WWOOF Korea Membership

There are 67 WWOOF Korea hosts from all over the Korea.
Membership will be available for a year and you can send WWOOFing request and WWOOFing during this time.
WWOOFers able to WWOOFing as many as you want also can do individualy or with friends, family.
Registration only able on online (Off-line is not possible)

IF you have any question please check WWOOF Korea FAQ

-WWOOFing with WWOOF Korea

WWOOFers need to contact with the host themseleves and they might not be able to host yo because of some personal reasons.
We recomend you to send WWOOFing request before 1 month your WWOOFing schedule.
During WWOOFing WWOOF Korea and hosts do not have any responsibility about any kind of accident.
If you are Famliy WWOOFers with underage kid, Group more than 4 and over 60 years old WWOOF Korea more than happy to help you to organise your WWOOFing plans. 



우퍼 멤버십을 구매하여 1년간 한국 농촌활동을 체험해보세요!

Membership lasts for 1 year; once completed, we cannot refund the membership fee.

There is no shared membership; individuals can only use their own unique membership number.


WWOOF Korea Privacy Policy


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